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Exploring Mars Assembly Presentations

Grades 4-12  All eyes are on Mars as the next big endeavor in space exploration. Our Exploring Mars presentations cover the history of rover exploration, the engineering accomplishments of unmanned space travel, and the future possibility of landing humans on Mars.

> Subjects: States of Matter, Properties of Gases, Chemical Reactions, Density, Scientific Measurement

There are 2 options for Exploring Mars Presentations, and optional accompanying hands-on activities:

  1. Landing on Mars (recommended for grades 4-5)
    In Landing on Mars, we’ll cover NASA’s milestones in their rover exploration program. NASA has successfully landed rovers on Mars, which has explored the planet and transmitted their discoveries back to Earth. We include a NASA video which shows how truly amazing this accomplishment was. This presentation can be combined with the “Landers” activity, in which students design and test the safety and efficacy of their own Mars landing mechanism.
  2. Journey to Mars (recommended for grades 6-12)
    The Journey to Mars presentation focuses on NASA’s plans to send humans to Mars in the near future. It includes current updates about Orion and the new Space Launch System. Orion is the space exploration vehicle designed to take humans farther into space than they’ve ever gone before. This presentation can be combined with the “Rockets” activity, in which students design and their own paper rocket, to be tested on our specially designed high-powered launchers.

>  Grades 4 – 12*
>  For groups of up to 30 students
>  Recommended for assemblies, family nights, or large groups
>  Presentation only (30-50 min)
>  Presentation and activity (90+ min)
>  Can be done at your location

*program elements vary dependent on grade level

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