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Field Trip to the Moon

Grades 4+  Get ready for a safari full of LEGO models that “come to life” when students program them on a computer. Model options include a lion that roars and snores, an alligator that chomps, a monkey that drums out a variety of rhythms, twirling birds, and more.

> Subjects: Programming, Simple Machines (gears & pulleys)

There are several WeDo build options for students, split into easier builds for beginners and harder ones for experienced WeDo programmers:

  1. WeDo Adventures (for beginners)
    Build options include:
         >  Hungry Alligator (most popular!)
         >  Roaring Lion
         >  Drumming Monkey
         >  Twirling Birds
  2. WeDo Journeys (for students with WeDo experience)
    Build options include:
         >  Plane
         >  Sailboat
         >  Giant
         >  Spinning Tops
  3. WeDo Sports Soccer (other builds for all skill levels!)
    Build options include:
         >  Kicker
         >  Goalie
         >  Fans
         >  Mascot (Ibis)

>  Grades 2 – 3
>  For groups between 20-60 students (larger class sizes may be split in half)
>  Single Session (2 hr)
>  After School Series (multiple weeks, 2 hr each day) 
any selection of WeDo builds, completed over several weeks
>  Can be done at iSPACE or at your location

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