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LEGO Engineer It

Grades 3-5  LEGO- Maniacs can get in gear as they build awesome simple and compound machines using simple machines, motors, and magnets. Join the crew from iSPACE for some LEGO engineering fun!  LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

> Subjects: Engineering design process, Simple Machines, Forms of Energy, Motion, Motors

There are several engineering builds students can do in this program, each of which covers a specific Engineering or Physics concept:

  1. Sweeper Car (Potential Energy)
  2. Magna Bird & Fishing Pole (Magnets)
  3. Free Wheeler (Kinetic Energy)
  4. Uphill Car (Motors)
  5. Circus Act (Magnets)

>  Grades 3 – 5
>  For groups of 10+ students
>  Single Session (60 min) select one activity
>  After School Series (multiple weeks, 60 min each day) any combination of activities, completed in up to 4 weeks
>  Can be done at iSPACE or at your location

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