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Peculiar Polymers

Grades 3-6  What do contact lenses, milk jugs, plastic bags, and chewing gum all have in common? They are all made from synthetic (man-made) polymers. Using a variety of hands-on activities, students will be introduced to polymers, their properties, and everyday uses. Get set for an ooey gooey good time!

> Subjects: Material Properties, Matter, Physical Technologies & Impact

>  Grades 3 – 6*
>  For groups between 20-60 students (larger class sizes may be split in half)
>  Single Session (60 min) recommended for students in Grades PreK-3
>  Extended Session (90 min) recommended for students in Grades 4-6
>  Can be done at iSPACE or at your location

*program elements vary dependent on grade level

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