Workshops will be listed here!

Presentations given at the September 9, 2017 Kick Off in Cincinnati.

Basic coding and Advanced Coding Structure -- Presented by 5029 PowerStackers
Notebook 101 Powerpoint -- Presented by 4969 Robot-X
Scouting and Alliance Selection Powerpoint - Presented by 6133 The NUTS!
Tips for Rookie Teams - Presented by 10084 Team Calamari
FTA's Best Practice Guide - Presented by Alex Lambert
FTC Hardware Software Inspections 2017-2018 - Presented by Alex Lambert


FIRST Resources

FIRST Rover Ruckus Game & Season Material - Includes all the season materials, including the Game Manuals, link to the Forum, Forum Answered Questions, Field instructions, and link to buy field element.

FIRST Tech Challenge Resource Library -The location of all FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge Resources. Organized in “articles”, resources are grouped together by subject and can be saved to your personal Resource Library by clicking on the heart when signed in

Team Management Resources-Includes all the resources for Mentors and Teams on running the team: the Mentor Manual, fundraising, training, Engineering Notebook, preparing for competition, Awards, and more.

Robot Building Resources- Includes all of the resources for building the robot, including the PushBot Build Guides, Robot Wiring Guide, PTC design resources, and new technology resources.

Technology Resources - Includes all resources for the new Android-based technology, including programming resources, Troubleshooting Guides, link to the Forum, etc.

Preparing for Competition Resources- Includes a checklist of items and resources to ensure your team is prepared for competition.

Team Email Blasts Archive of FIRST Tech Challenge team email blasts.

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