iSPACE summer camps for grades K-12 combine fun and learning in one unforgettable experience that teaches students how to think and work like real engineers, scientists, designers and developers. Students get to work on cool projects, engage in fun, hands-on activities that will ignite the flame of life-long learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Camp Dates are June 10 through August 9, 2019. (With the Week of July 4th off).
ALL Camps are held at iSPACE on the Scarlet Oaks Campus in Sharonville.
Camp runs from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday through Friday.
Cost: $275 per week
After camp care from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm will be available for $100 per week or $30 per day. ($120 and $36 if you sign up week of camp)
Multiple Child Discounts available ($50 off each additional child in the same family).
Refer a Friend Discounts available (Referring family qualifies for a $50 discount for each new to iSPACE family they refer).

Sign up for after camp care when you register for camp.  You'll see it as an add on to your camp registration.



Summer Day Camps 2019 (Last Year)


iSPACE ignites imaginations and transforms campers into robotics engineers and rocket scientists!  Our engaging, hands-on summer day camps spark interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Over 40 interactive camps for grades K-12. Space is limited. Sign up early

Entering Grades K-1

Grades K-1 sessions run from 9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday

Cost: $275

Campers should bring a small healthy snack, water bottle and lunch each day.

Tinkering with Toys

Explore the toy store!  Young toy makers will be able to design, build, and test out several toys and at the same time learn how they work!  Using concepts that include the engineering process, energy, shapes, color and sound, we will create our own toy using every day materials.  Come tinker with toys this summer at iSPACE!


Buggin’ Out Robotics

Grab your antenna and wings as you embark on a different Bee-Bot adventure each day.  Stories, science experiences plus programming a Bee-Bot robot all add up to a hive full of fun!  Bee-Bots, designed for the younger robotic enthusiast, will send campers on an exciting journey each day to explore Dino-Bots, Farm-Bots, Bug-Bots and more!  Get ready for a buzzing great time!



Three Bears in Space

Join our three space bears, Gemini, Mercury and Apollo as they explore the wonders of our Universe and space exploration. They’ll help campers create their own constellation, probe into planetary science, train like an astronaut, test and design B.E.A.R. (Bear Egress And Recovery) parachutes and celebrate with campers as they launch their own rocket!


Scientist, Scientist

Scientist, scientist what do you see? I see bubbling solutions, buzzing insects, rainbows of color and so much more looking at me! Junior scientists will explore a different science topic each day based on the books of award winning children’s author, Eric Carle. Finding the science in beloved literature, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar or The Mixed-Up Chameleon engages even the youngest scientist through experiments, activities, and science related crafts!


Magical World @ iSPACE

NEW! This will be a fun and exciting camp filled with classes just like at that school for wizardry that you have read so much about.  Campers will make spell books, wands, learn about magical creatures, potions, care of plants, read maps, and play games all with a magical theme.   This will not be a scary camp, but perfect for young imaginations.


Entering Grades 2-3

Grades 2-3 sessions run from 9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday

Cost: $275

Campers should bring a small healthy snack, water bottle and lunch each day.

WeDo 2.0 Camp – Nature Bots

Explore the perilous side of nature from the comfort of your…LEGO builds? Using LEGO’s newest WeDo 2.0 robotics kits and programming platform, campers will be challenged to come up with solutions for some of the scientific world’s most pressing questions. How do we save the bees? How can we prevent coastal flooding? What can we do for earth quake prone areas? LEGO Engineers will put their brains together to become the scientist of tomorrow! Are you ready to tame nature’s fury?


Co-Botics! (Collaborative Robotics)

Ready for an adventure? Join us as we explore the benefits of humans and robots working together! Campers will build and program their way through dangerous situations while exploring different types of robots using LEGO’s NEW WeDo 2.0 Robotics kits and programming platforms. Get your camper ready to jump into the future of robots, wireless programming, and exciting challenges! Oh my!

SMArt (Science Meets Art)

What happens when a camper’s inner Picasso meets their inner Einstein? The combination will cause reactions that will be filled with oohs and ahhs! Campers will not only discover that science is fun (and messy), but also how science plays an important part in the process of creating art and toys. Campers will also use robotics and coding along with other media to  design one-of-a-kind masterpieces!


Environauts to the Rescue

Beware! Campers may get dirty while learning how to clean and protect our environment.  Environauts are racing to answer the spaceship Earth’s S.O.S message of “Save our Sphere”! Campers come to the rescue by conducting a variety of hands-on investigations to explore the interactions of Earth’s air, water, and living things.  We will race mealworms, test plant growth, and build terraria. Coding Sphero robots may also be needed to save our planet!


Science Behind the Movies

NEW! Ready..Set..ACTION! Get ready to dive in to the real magic behind the movies—Science! This camp will explore how science impacts the big screen, and what we can do to get involved. Movie buffs will discover how coding, technology, chemistry and a whole lot of imagination all comes together to create the wonderful worlds of the movies. Grab your popcorn as we use fun films about our favorite building blocks (LEGOs), space robot, wizarding magic and more!


Astronaut Training Challenge

iSPACE challenges campers to take on the role of an “astronaut in training” as they explore rocketry, investigate forces of flight, and discover what it takes to stay healthy and safe while living and working in space. Astronauts will also be using Sphero robots to train and complete their missions. Campers can train like an astronaut and still be home in time for dinner!


Entering Grades 4-5

Grades 4-5 sessions run from 9am – 2pm, Monday through Friday

COST: $275

Campers should bring a small healthy snack, water bottle and lunch each day.


Cool Chemistry

Join our group of mad scientistsBe prepared to brew, blend, and build while exploring bizarre and beguiling experiments.  Cool chemistry concepts include:  acid and bases, chromatography, polymers, boats that run on soap, density, and more!  This camp is sure to sure to charm and captivate the chemist in you!


Forensic Fun

Farmer Bob is missing and we need your help to solve this mystery!  Campers will serve as investigators to try and locate Bob and as forensic scientists analyzing evidence collected at the crime scenes.  Latent print and footprint comparisons, toolmark and handwriting analysis, principles of chromatography, scientific method and DNA analysis will all be used to solve this mystery! (Based on curriculum developed by BCI, which incorporates a study of Ohio fossils.)


EV3 Challenge “Smart Cars” (LEGO® EV3 Robots)

Look Ma – no hands! Self-driving cars are no longer science fiction! Campers take on the roles of engineer and computer programmer to build and design autonomous cars that can navigate roads and park themselves. There will be no need for crash-test dummies in this LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot ultimate driving experience!


RoboBlast (LEGO® EV3 Robots)

Calling all cadets! Enlist in this exciting adventure where campers will work in teams to build and program LEGO® MINDSTORM EV3 robots. Combining LEGO robots, daily robotic challenges, a rocket, and new friends is sure to make this camp a blast!


Amusement Park Antics

Campers will don their hard hats and work as engineers to design, build and test roller coasters. They will test drive customized mouse-trap cars and create the ultimate drop zone experience with an egg as the payload! Warning: constructing knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion and how forces work has never been more amusing!


All Charged UP!

Get charged up and enLIGHTened about electricity and optics!  Campers will go with the “flow” through electrical circuits and electromagnetism, as well as discover some incredible light tricks with optics. Did you know light can bend?  How about making a target game using light and mirrors to “catch the monster?” Lights will shine, fans will spin, and alarms will buzz! This camp is sure to “shock” and amaze!


NEW! iSPACE is on a mission to recruit a crew that is ready to discover what it takes to “arrive, survive and thrive” on the Moon!  Build and launch air-powered and solid fuel rockets, design landers to arrive safely on the lunar surface, program LEGO® lunar-bots to assist in making our new home more like life on earth, and more!  The mission fun continues with an iMISSION, an exciting experience where campers take on the role of a scientist/engineer faced with the challenges of living and working on a lunar base! It’s our mission to make Moon Mission an “out of this world” summer camp experience!



Entering Grades 6-8

Grades 6-8 sessions run from 9am – 2pm, Monday through Friday

COST: $275

Campers should bring a small healthy snack, water bottle and lunch each day.

Design Your Future 3D

iSPACE and Great Oaks have once again partnered to bring you a 3D design camp.  Campers will learn to draw and manipulate designs using advanced 3D design tools, will use multiple 3D-print technologies and laser cutters and will learn to approach design challenges efficiently.  Each camper will bring home at least one camper designed 3D-printed or laser cut object and plenty of knowledge that they can apply at their local makerspace.


Discovery in a Materials World

NEW!  What are the differences between glass, plastic and wood?  Campers will explore the materials we use to make stuff stronger, lighter and better using chemistry and physics.  They’ll grow crystals, cast metal, create a “golden” penny and use 3D printing to design solutions to various problems.  Engineering team challenges and many other lab activities are sure to offer a fast pace week of learning and fun!


Deep Space Bots

Travel to the edge of the universe in a robotic adventure that reveals a future when humankind will transform distant planets into livable habitats. Campers join Space Shuttle Entropy’s team as they investigate distant moons and planets. They will put their programming and engineering skills to work in this engaging robot adventure in deep space!


Get Your Game On (Video Game Design)

Campers are transformed into authentic video game designers as they learn and apply animation techniques and special tricks to create their own amazing versions of maze-based and platform computer games. They will develop programming prowess as well as a sense of pride when they get to share and play real video games that they design and program themselves!


Radical Rockets

Warning: Campers may get wet! While launching water bottle rockets, we bet campers won’t even notice how wet they are as they watch their rocket soar high in the sky. Then, it’s back to the drawing board to design an even better rocket. They’ll also build and launch air powered and solid fuel rockets – one with fins designed and 3D printed by campers. Creativity and teamwork make for an action-packed week of radical rocketry fun!



NEW! A love of Art AND Science is the perfect combination for a variety of fascinating careers including architecture, engineering, inventors and product designers. Campers explore this unique combination of interests that has commonly been the catalyst for new ideas throughout history. Invent new toys, design and build model homes or bridges, test designs, and create beautiful artwork to showcase inventions. Learn the principles of design and all about the engineering design process. Our focus will be on having fun while we dream up & artistically communicate amazing new ideas.  Let’s see where our imaginations can take us!


Entering Grades 8-12

Grades 8-12 sessions run from 9am – 2pm, Monday through Friday

COST: $275

Campers should bring a small healthy snack, water bottle and lunch each day.


Get Your Game On II (Video Game Design)

Campers continue their Scratch programming journey begun in “Get Your Game On” as they learn and apply advanced animation techniques and tricks to create higher level computer games. They will boost their programming prowess as they create, share and play these more complex video games!  (Previous Scratch programming experience is vital.)  This camp uses Scratch Version 2.0.



TETRIX® Robotics “Tackling the Basics”

Campers will attack ROBOTC programming basics with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot controller. Experiences are expanded as they build a heavy-duty TETRIX® robot using aircraft grade aluminum parts and powerful drive motors. Campers that are serious about engineering or programming will enjoy tackling autonomous and remote control challenges.


Java Boot Camp

Interested in coding but don’t know where to begin?  Always wondered what programming is all about?  This is the camp for you!  Java Boot Camp is a beginning intensive, hands-on experience with Java. Campers will explore the various technologies and environments in which Java applications are developed as well as write, compile, test and troubleshoot Java programs. FTC robotics teams can gain valuable Java skills to help with robot programming.


Java II Boot Camp

NEW! Do you want to learn more about Java programming and the fundamental concepts of O.O.P. (Object Oriented Programming)? This is the camp for you!  Java II Boot Camp is an intermediate level, intensive, hands-on experience with Java.  Campers will explore topics that apply to all languages that are object oriented. This includes encapsulation, method overloading, inheritance, abstract classes, polymorphism, and interfaces.  FTC robotics teams can continue to gain valuable Java skills to help with robot programming. Previous JAVA experience is required


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