To ignite a passion for Science and Technology so that all learners are prepared to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce.

For over 20 years, iSPACE has provided innovative and engaging STEM educational programs across the Greater Cincinnati area.  iSPACE offers field trips, summer camps, robotics competitions, professional development and other programs to students, teachers, families and professionals.  These immersive, hands-on, minds-on experiences are designed to stimulate interest in STEM and develop pathways to STEM careers. 

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Sue Hare,
iSPACE Executive Director

- Executive Director
   April 2020 - present

iSPACE Executive Director Sue Hare is passionate about life-long learning and believes that education can be used to better oneself and society. Sue holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University and spent eighteen years in various engineering positions, including compressor design, engine test, and engine systems engineering at GE Aviation.

After receiving her Master of Arts in Education, Sue joined iSPACE in 2011 and has served as an educator, project manager, and education director.  She collaborated with iSPACE and other entities to pursue and manage grants, educational projects, and events and generate and deliver curriculum for students, teachers, and community organizations.

Originally from western Pennsylvania, Sue has made Cincinnati her home for over 35 years with her husband and best friend, Ty. She has two grown children, both married, a fur baby, and one adorable grandson. When off the clock, Sue is an active volunteer who loves to read, sing, and travel (especially to Pittsburgh to see her grandson)!

She was told she couldn't... but she could, and she did.

- iSPACE Founder
- Retired Executive Director

Linda Neenan is the co-founder and retired Executive Director of iSPACE.  Similar to many successful software startups, iSPACE, which began its mission from Linda's den in 2001, has now grown to serve more than 30,000 people a year. 

As a young girl, Linda had been inspired by President Kennedy’s challenge to the nation during the Space Race. But she was discouraged from pursuing her own dream.

While attending high school in Michigan, Neenan presented her guidance counselor with a scholarship application for General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) which is an engineering school. “You’re a girl,” the female counselor said, slamming the application down on her desk. With that quick rejection, Neenan Linda became a math teacher, because that was something she was “allowed” to do.

Linda got married, and she and her husband had three daughters. They moved to Switzerland, back to the U.S., to England, then back to the U.S. again. Linda was a stay-at- home mom until her children were grown.

However, her high school counselor’s words stung even as the 21st century arrived. Neenan didn’t want to see other learners, especially girls, dissuaded from STEM careers. Her nagging fear about how U.S. children were falling behind their international counterparts in science and math, caused her and teachers Cathy Metzger and Charlene Kobida to meet with scientists, engineers and teachers to determine what educational programs could be introduced to Greater Cincinnati to encourage students in STEM.
Thus, iSPACE was born.

One of the iSPACE core values is “open access to all.” Neenan pledged to eliminate obstacles posed by gender, race or disability. iSPACE is now recognized for the accommodations it provides, not only to gifted students, but also to underserved students, regardless of socio-economic status, academic abilities, physical, emotional or behavioral limitations. It also provides strong support for young women to encourage them in STEM.

iSPACEs offer exceptional programs for students but it’s iTEACH program is one of the most effective educator professional programs in the region. Neenan recognized that, while working with students is at the core of the iSPACE mission, providing top-notch training to teachers helps iSPACE expand their reach exponentially.  

All these values were spurred on by Linda’s experience early on when she was told she “couldn’t.”…because she could and she did.


GOVERNANCE: iSPACE is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of area educators, business leaders, and individuals who volunteer their time and talents to further education in STEM disciplines View our Board of Trustees members here.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: As a 501(C)(3) organization, iSPACE is transparent in how we conduct business. View our Annual Report and Public Tax Exemption Form below.


As reflected in our mission, iSPACE ignites passion for Science and Technology to prepare all learners to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce. View our DEI statement here.