iSPACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to ignite passion for Science and Technology to prepare all learners to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce

Recently, iSPACE sent announcements by email, our website, and social media that it is closing permanently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The iSPACE facility is currently closed, but the iSPACE Board of Trustees has not decided to cease operations permanently. Like many other non-profits and small businesses in our community, iSPACE is indeed facing financial hardships due to the current environment; we also face an uncertain future. But we still believe in our mission to ignite a passion for science and technology to prepare all learners to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce. We are encouraged by the tremendous response from the community about the value we deliver through our mission. Our goal is to work with our team, community, and partners to survive this crisis so that we remain a valuable contributor to our educational system.

The iSPACE Board of Trustees is committed to investigating options to keep iSPACE operational. Under the current environment, some of these options may be unconventional, as we deal with social distancing and closed schools. For summer camps, the Board of Trustees is exploring options to address parents’ concerns. Our number one priority is the safety of students and teachers that participate in our programs as well as our team. iSPACE has engaged new leadership to guide us through these difficult times. We apologize for any confusion and lapse in communication. Please know that we are fully committed to providing transparency and timely communications during this period. As soon as possible, we will contact all of those concerned with details on options and the future direction of iSPACE.
Please contact our interim Executive Director, Sue Hare, with questions.

We Make Learning Fun!

iSPACE serves students, teachers and professionals by teaching them necessary STEM skills to prepare them for the real world through immersive, hands on programs. 


Our programs are designed to address the state standards for a specific grade level, so the concepts presented are age/grade appropriate


Each program is designed to offer challenges that require students to come up with solutions and work together to create those solutions. In addition to STEM concepts, our programs teach 21st Century skills like problem-solving, teamwork and communication


When you schedule with iSPACE, the entire program time is spent on educating students. Instructions and teaching STEM concepts are incorporated directly into the activities, reducing student “down time”. Set-up and clean-up by iSPACE staff occurs outside the stated program times

Fewer Students per Teacher

We keep our student/teacher ratio very low – typically 15 students/activity with a dedicated instructor – allowing each student to get significant hands-on learning

Program Quality 

A program assessment conducted by University of Cincinnati’s Evaluation Service Center showed that iSPACE curricula and experiences are very effective

Qualified Educators

Our programs are taught by trained iSPACE personnel – all of whom have Education and/or STEM degrees AND extensive experience teaching the programs. There is no need for schools to provide volunteers and/or chaperones



Our programs are about more than just space.  Our comprehensive list of STEAM programs are sure to inspire and challenge every participant


Our hands-on, mind-on programs are experiential from start to finish. Students BECOME scientist, engineers, programmers, etc. for the time they are with us


We build experimentation into every program… because some of the best lessons are learned when things don’t work the first time


Infographic describing the 2018-2019 statistics as per iSPACE
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