Grades Pre K - 9    

Blast off with Sir Isaac Newton and explore his three laws of motion through rocketry activities! Investigate the aerodynamics of launch vehicles while building and launching your own rocket with our special high-powered air launchers. Guaranteed to be a BLAST!

In this program, students can build either Paper or Straw Rockets:
PAPER ROCKETS: require a large space (outdoors or indoors) for spectacular launches that are always a hit and have wide appeal to a range of grade levels.

We start with our Force and Motion presentation with demonstrations to illustrate how and why rockets fly, and explain Newton’s Laws of Motion.

All the children will then make their own paper rocket and shoot it up to 100 ft. high with our high powered air launchers! The rocket they make is their take-home souvenir from this fun and educational experience.

STRAW ROCKETS:  The small-venue alternative to Paper Rockets, where students will be equally engaged in making smaller rockets from straws.

  • Subjects: States of Matter, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Physics of Earth & Space, Engineering design process
  • Grades Pre K – 9, with program elements tailored to grade level
  • For groups of up to 30 students per session (can accommodate large groups)
  • Single Session (90 min) allows students to build and test their rocket, and compare their results with their peers
  • Extended Session (90+ min) allows students to build, test, record data, measure & change variables, and more
  • Programs can be held at iSPACE or your location.
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iSPACE Cincinnati, OH student building a rocket


Grades 4 - 9   

Be advised: this is not your ordinary field trip! Students are immersed into the various roles of living and working on a lunar research base and will be challenged to apply STEM skills in this fun and unique learning experience. Problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills become key elements as students work to keep their space base running.

MISSIONs are educational simulations used as dynamic models of workplace activity allowing students to face authentic conditions and problem-solve just as their professional counterparts must. Students apply for their position based on their interests and skills, and perform tasks simulating experiments related to their assigned job.

Students will be immersed into the role of scientist/astronaut where they must rely on their fellow crew members to ensure the success of the mission. Depending on their position, students may be tasked with operating a robotic arm, conducting experiments in a glove box, facilitating mission timeline activities, recording and transferring data, navigating, and much more!

  • Subjects: Problem-solving & reasoning, Hypothesizing & Scientific Method, Engineering design process, Rocks & Minerals, Properties on Earth & in Space
  • Grades 4 - 9
  • For groups up to 64 students per session
  • 3 hour program includes simulation and concluding debrief
  • ONLY available at the iSPACE facility
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Robotics or Roboart

Grades 4 - 9  

Robotics Theme:
Will robots replace astronauts in space? What about jobs here on Earth?
See what types of robots NASA is using in space exploration as well as robots that impact our everyday lives. Students program autonomous robots and teach them to make decisions using sensors in order to master a variety of robotic challenges.

Art Theme:
Can a robot create art? Robots are beginning to take their place in both visual and performing arts. Explore how they are making their artistic impressions and program a LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to create a patterned masterpiece!

  • Subjects: Programming, Engineering design, Sensors
  • Grades 4 - 9, with program elements tailored to grade level
  • For groups up to 30 students per session (larger class sizes may be split in half)
  • Single Session (60-90 min)
  • After School Series (multiple weeks, 60- 90 min each day) any combination of activities, completed in up to 4 weeks
  • Programs can be held at iSPACE or your location.
  • LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.
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Grades 5 - 9    

Transform your students into authentic video game designers as they learn and apply animation techniques and special tricks to create their own version of computer games! They will gain programming prowess, as well as a sense of pride as they share and play video games of their own creation.

  • Subjects: Programming, Computer Skills
  •  Grades 5 – 9
  • For groups up to 30 students per session (larger class sizes may be split in half)
  • After School Series
  • Programs can be held at iSPACE or your location.
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Scratch programming Boy-working-game-screen-camp