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Blast Off Rocketry

Grades PreK- 9 Blast off with Sir Isaac Newton and explore his three laws of motion through rocketry activities! Investigate the aerodynamics of launch vehicles while building and launching your own rocket with our special high-powered air launchers. Guaranteed to be a BLAST!

> Subjects: States of Matter, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Physics of Earth & Space, Engineering design process

In this program, students can build either Paper or Straw Rockets:

Paper Rockets requires a large space (outdoors or indoors) for spectacular launches that are always a hit and have wide appeal to a range of grade levels. We start with our Force and Motion presentation with demonstrations to illustrate how and why rockets fly, and explain Newton’s Laws of Motion. All the children will then make their own paper rocket and shoot it up to 100 ft. high with our high powered air launchers! The rocket they make is their take-home souvenir from this fun and educational experience.

Straw Rockets is the small-venue alternative to Paper Rockets, where students will be equally engaged in making smaller rockets from straws.

>  Grades PreK – 9*
>  For groups of up to 30 students (can accommodate large groups)
>  Single Session (90 min) allows students to build and test their rocket, and compare their results with their peers
>  Extended Session (90+ min) allows students to build, test, record data, measure & change variables, and more
>  Can be done at iSPACE or at your location

*program elements vary dependent on grade level

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