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Storybook Science

Grades PreK-3 Engage even the youngest scientists through experiments and hands-on activities, while exploring the science in children’s literature by beloved author Eric Carle.

Topic & Book choices include:

> Color: The Mixed-Up Chameleon
> Life Cycles: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
> Kitchen Chemistry: Pancake, Pancake
> Nocturnal Animals: The Very Quiet Cricket
> Insects: The Lonely Firefly, The Grouchy Ladybug
> Space: Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

>  Grades PreK – 3*
>  For groups of 30 students
>  Single Session (60 min) 
>  Extended Session (up to 2 hours) allows students to cover multiple subject areas
>  After School Series (multiple weeks, 60 min each day) any combination of books, completed over several weeks
>  Can be done at iSPACE or at your location

*program elements vary dependent on grade level

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