FIRST Tech Challenge is a head-to-head robotics sport like competition for high school students.  Teams of up to 15 students design, build, and program robots to compete against other teams.  Robots are programmed using Java and controlled by smartphones and tablets.  Teams develop strategies and build their robots based on comprehensive engineering principles.  Team awards are given for winning game match play as well as for robot design, creative problem solving, collaborative teamwork and community outreach.


iSPACE is the Ohio affiliated partner for FIRST Tech Challenge and host of the iSPACE FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship.


FIRST Tech Challenge Ohio Team

Current Season

2017/2018 Season - FIRST RELIC RECOVERY

This season, FIRST RELIC RECOVERY℠ is played on a 12 ft. × 12 ft. square field with approximately 1 ft. high walls and a soft foam mat floor. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by (1) scoring Glyphs into the Cryptoboxes and completing rows, column, and ciphers, (2) transferring Relics to the Recovery Zone, (3) retrieving Jewels, (4) parking on the Balancing Stones, and (5) navigating to specific parts of the Playing Field.​

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